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5 Day Challenge 
What is Shadow?

This page is dedicated to supporting people in the 5 Day Shadow Challenge. 

Shadow Basics

What is Shadow?

Shadow is a term used in certain Physchological, Trauma Informed and Mental Health Circles. It is used to discuss and make tangible the pieces of ourselves that we often avoid. By accepting, integrating and training those pieces of ourselves, we can actually transform these pieces to our benefit. 

Where Does Shadow Come From?

While these concepts have been around since we started examining human Physchology, the person most associated with being the founder of Shadow is a man by the name Carl Jung. According to Jung Shadow comes from our subconcious and can be formed from trauma or in a response to desires we are told to suppress or that we should not want. In answer to the restriction of society for these kinds of thoughts, we work very hard to hide these parts of ourselves. When we do the feelings find unhelpful ways to express themselves.

What Shadow IS NOT 

Shadow (and Shadow Work) is not an excuse for how we treat ourselves or other people. Shadow is also not something that is ever going to go away. Although we can make peace with parts of ourselves, new parts of our Shadow may  continue to reveal themselves. It is therefore important to remember that Shadow is NOT our enemy. It's not something we have to fight against. It is NOT "the devil". It is not a villain. It is not trying to sabotage you. It is not punishing you and it is NOT going to hijack your life if you actually start to listen to it.  


Congrats! You finished your first day of the challenge. Check your portal tomorrow for Day 2!  

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