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The Challenge:
Raising Touch Health & Safe Kids

Hello! My name is DeVika Lyles, M.Ed. I am a Sexologist, Relationship Coach and Somatic Arts Practitioner Certified in the areas of Touch, Consent and Communication. Throughout my training, I have committed my work to creating safe, consensual and non sexual spaces for families to discover touch in ways that leave them connected and in communication with love and affinity.

Currently, I am seeing a rise in children who have experienced touch that was neither consensual or non sexual. If the family has never had active and ongoing conversations about touch or consent, those children can be left confused about who to tell or how to get help for themselves or others. 

Research shows that families who openly talk about consent and demonstrate healthy, safe, non sexual touch create spaces where children are empowered to report harm, support others and increase peer relationships now and in the future. While the research is clear, finding support for families may not be. But what if there was an accessible, safe and affordable Course you could take to discover how to keep your family touch healthy & safe?

The Solution: C.U.D.D.L.E. 

​The C.U.D.D.L.E. Sutra is a Course that combines curated lessons, conversations and experiences that create a safe space for people to discover what they have been taught about touch, communication and consent. In that new space of discovery, participants are given skills and to create new conversations and experiences that they can carry with them into the future.

Rediscover Touch

During the C.U.D.D.L.E. Sutra it is our commitment that you will uncover and remove any barriers you've had to safe, consensual and non sexual touch. You will experience freedom when it comes to receiving and requesting touch. The experience will be one of freedom, safety and self care.

Communicate Fully

Through our communication practices you will develop skills in fulfilling your desires through powerful requests and clear communication.  The access to self expression and clear communication transforms lives. 

Build Connections 

By discovering your new relationship with touch, you will also create a new space for connections and deeper relationships. The most important of those relationships being the one you have with yourself. 

Set Clear Boundaries

A key part of the C.U.D.D.L.E. Sutra is that you will leave empowered and enlivened by your capacity to create and share boundaries. When you do, you will know yourself as someone who keeps yourself and others safe and comfortable.

Want to know more? Join our FREE 5 Day Challenge. 

March 18-22, 2024 1-2pm CT 

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