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 DeVika Marcella Lyles, M.Ed (CCPF, CSE)
            A Transformative Sexologist and  Life Coach with a

            background in Transformational Education,

            Psychology and Instructional Design. 

The Center for Transformative Sexology (TC4TS) is committed to blending
Transformative Learning approaches with Comprehensive Educational Sexology to cause SHIFT in how we communicate about sex, sexuality and intimacy.


Working with BIPOC and LGBTQ families, friends and allies to transform how they are dealing with despair, giving them access to fulfill their desires with freedom and ease.

We specialize in helping people distinguish and navigate 7 Sexological
Conversations in the areas of:

          1. Systems, Science & Sexology
          2. Race, Culture & Decolonization 
        3. Gender, Sexual Identity & Relationship Orientation

          4. Health & Neurology 
          5. Access (Education, Economics & Equality)
          6. Trauma & Transformation
          7. Self-Expression, Exploration & Shadow Work

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